Day 2 – Just be with yourself

Exercise – Day 2

Yesterdays exercise was about reflecting on your childhood.
Today you will take a calm moment with yourself, which is just as important.
You need to be present with yourself to spot what goes on inside of you.
Presence simply helps you be more aware of yourself and your feelings.
Practising presence is a big part of your journey with self-worth.

Is it difficult to be present?
Yes, to most people presence needs to be taught and practised.
Unlike other species, we as human beings are very much aware of the past and the future.
Our survival relies on learning from what has happened (in the past) and planning what we need to tackle in the future.
That is why it is difficult for us to stay in the present.
Regret, for example, is a simple mental mechanisme that help us avoid doing the same mistake twice. Same as fear. Fear motivates us to ensure the future. It makes us alert to danger and prepares us to deal with what might happen.
Awareness about the past and the future simply is part of your survival strategy as a human being. But it gets way overboard and we tend to forget the present moment.
You tend to forget how you feel this very minute.

So, get started and enjoy this lovely wonderful moment with you alone. πŸ™‚

Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid distractions for the next 8 minutes.


This step takes 30 seconds.

Sit on a chair with your feet on the ground.


This step takes 1Β½ minute.

Breath in slowly for 4 seconds – count to 4 while inhaling.
Hold your breath for 5 seconds – count to 5 while you hold your breath.
Exhale slowly for 6 seconds – count to 6 while you exhale.

To exhale slowly can be difficult.
Often we tend to let go of all the air from our lungs quickly.
Try to hold back when you exhale. Only allowing minimum air to leave your lungs at the time.

Now close your eyes and repeat the exercise 3 times.
You can have a pause after the exhale if you need to or continue the flow without pauses.

The counting helps you stay focused on your breathing and keeps your mind from wandering.


This step takes 30 seconds.

Open your eyes again and say this out loud to yourself:

β€œI love me with everything I am. I know I do the best I can, and that is good enough.”

Make a pause and take a deep breath in and a long exhale. Continue:
“I support myself, and I have faith in myself. I am here for myself.β€œ

Say the sentences as many times as you like.
You can record them on your phone and listen to it several times. The more you train to say and listen to positive sentences about yourself the stronger you will believe in them.

You can translate into your own language if English is not your primary language.

Well done! You are done with today’s exercise.

You have practiced presence – be proud!
Remember that it is not an easy task to learn to be present.
We give ourselves a mental and physical boost if we sneak in breathing exercises during our day.
Today YOU added a breathing exercise to YOUR day. Well done!

For now: Be happy you did this for yourself.


“Practice presence – embrace the place where life happens”
– Eckhart Tolle


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