Day 4 – Who are you today?

Exercise – Day 4

On day 1, you reflected on which words were used about you.
On day 3, you learned a little about what strategies you have adopted.
Today you will discover even more about yourself to get closer to yourself.

You contain so much.
You are composed of many things. Maybe you are patient with people but impatient when it comes to shopping.
Maybe you are very sensitive and at the same time insensitive. Or nerdy, empathetic, superficial, intelligent with people, not good at math, sweet, can get really angry, and everything that does not belong together.

We contain many facets. Your goal is to be curious about them. When you are curious about your own history, your past, and your upbringing and get the tools to analyze how it shows up in your system, you lose your critical voice along the way. That is why understanding yourself gives you direct access to work on your own worth – and to develop.

Are you ready?
Continue your journey on self-discovery and self-understanding now.

Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid distractions for the next 8 minutes.


This step takes approx. 2-3 minute.

Sit comfortably and reflect.
Who are you? What emotions do you contain?

You can use the questions below to help you find words about yourself:

  • What motivates you?
  • Who are you when you are at work?
  • Who are you when you are at home?
  • Who are you when you are amongst friends?
  • Who har you when you are with your family?
  • Who are you among strangers?
  • How would others describe you? And do you feel that is true?

You can even get inspiration from the things you wrote on day 1 or on your strategies from yesterday.

Write down all the keywords you can think of on a piece of paper or on your phone. Remember to save them for later use.
Use 2-3 minutes to reflect on this.


This step takes 2-3 minutes.

Well done.
Another way to be curious about yourself is to think of people who are the opposite of ourselves.
Sometimes we will find that the behavior of others will provoke something in us.
It’s interesting that something other people do can trigger you while it won’t touch another person at all.

The interesting part is that the thing that triggers you is something you would never allow in yourself.

This exercise opens up for you to see even more of yourself.

Think about this:
– Find at least 1 thing that annoys you about other people?
– Why do you think it annoys you?
– How did you learn or conclude that such behavior is not OK?

Write it on your paper. Use 2-3 minutes to reflect on this.


This step takes 1 minute.

Well done again.
The triggers are often connected to your survival strategies from your upbringing.
For example, if you use strategy #1 from yesterday, it is important for you to be proper and detailed. Then you might get very annoyed by sloppy people. It is all connected in that way 🙂

Look at the things you have written about yourself from Exercise 1 and 2.
Did you write good things about yourself too?

Look at your notes. If you have not written any positive words, then give yourself time to reflect.
Are you the opposite of your negative words sometimes?

One thing is for sure you are reading this exercise and maybe doing it.
That takes courage and curiosity.
So you contain both courage and curiosity.
That can definitely, be added to your list. 🙂

Save your paper with reflections when you are done.


This step takes 1 minute.

During your first four days, you have reflected on yourself in many ways.
For some, it is liberating to know and discover the diversity that they contain. Others feel it is a puzzle that is being destroyed.
But when you discover yourself, you open up for self-understanding and self-awareness. Self-understanding is your ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection. Without judgement – but with compassion and respect.
You contain so much – just like all other people.

So use this last exercise to feel close to you and know that you are valuable and worth.

  • Stand in front of a mirror. Just stand on your floor if it is not possible to stand in front of a mirror. Do as follows:
    • Close your eyes
    • Feel your feet against the floor.
    • Feel the weight of your body – your arms are heavy.
    • Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly as you can
    • Open your eyes slowly.
    • Look into your eyes in the mirror. Use a few seconds to look deep into your eyes.
    • Say this sentence while looking yourself in the eyes: “I love you, [your name] you are exactly as you should be.

Say it as many times you like. You cannot say that enough to yourself 🙂

Well done! You are done with today’s exercise.

Thank you for today.

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It would be very much appreciated.


Bonus info: Self-curiosity

Why self-curiosity and understanding of your past are important.

Self-curiosity is a powerful tool that, if implemented self-compassionately, can give us direct access to our inner world. It can help us grow and transform into emotionally healthier human beings. Consequently, it improves our lives and our relationships.

When you are curious about your own history, your past, and your upbringing and analyze how it shows up in your system of beliefs and emotional management, you lose your critical voice along the way.
It is difficult to criticize yourself once you start to get an understanding of why you are you.
That is why understanding yourself gives you direct access to work on your own worth – and to develop.

The magic in this journey is that it directly affects your view and behavior towards other people.
When you are curious about yourself, you view other people the same way.
You will be curious about other people too. Your children, your friends, your partner, your family, and everybody else.

That is why working with self-worth is not just happening inside of you but affects and improves your life.



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