Week 1, Day 7 – Praise Yourself!

Exercise Day 7

Today’s exercise is a simple breathing exercise, which you can practice everywhere at any time you need.
Your breathing is a powerful tool that can connect you to yourself and instantly tell your mind and body to relax.

You need to be present with yourself to discover yourself.
This helps you understand what shatters your self-worth and enables you to learn to love who you are. That’s why you do this exercise today.

During the next weeks, you will experience different presence exercises.
You will find some you like better than others. That is OK.
Choose the ones that you feel are best for you.
Today you will breathe. Enjoy.

Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid distractions for the next 8 minutes.


This step will take approx. 1 minute.

Set the timer on your phone for a 1-minute countdown.

Breath – like you do right now – for 1 minute.
Count the number of breaths you take.

You can count like this:
One inhale and one exhale are counted as one breath.
One inhale is counted as one breath, and one exhale is counted as one breath.
It is up to you – you decide.

Write how many breaths you counted on paper or on your phone.

Now go to step 2.


This step will take 1 minute.

Set the timer on your phone for a 1-minute countdown once again.

This time you must do your breathing as deep as possible. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly. Have pauses in between the exhale and inhale if you feel like it.
Count your breaths again like in step 1 and write it down afterwards.


This step will take approx. 1 minute.

Set the timer on your phone for a 1-minute countdown for the last time.

Breath normally again – like in Step 1.
Count your breaths again and write it down afterwards.

Do you see a difference between your counts of normal breathings between step 1 and 3?

Deep breathing helps your body calm down and to ground you.
Counting your breaths helps you focus on your breath instead of letting your thoughts take over.
You can use this exercise as often you like, whenever you like:)


Useful information

Deep breathing, slow down your heart rate, allow your body to take in more oxygen, and sends a signal to your brain to calm down and relax.
The deep breaths balance your stress hormone (cortisol) and increase the “well-being chemicals” (endorphin) in the body.
These are only a few of the things that deep breathing does for you.

Taking just a few moments each day to practice some deep breathing exercises can decrease stress and relax your mind and body. It can even help you sleep better.

So, taking a deep breath is an easy way to give yourself some self-care. It is a way to be present with yourself and helps you mentally to calm down.

Well done! You are done with today’s exercise.

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

Dwell in the present moment. Allow yourself just to be.


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