Week 1, Day 6 – Praise Yourself!

Exercise Day 6

Before you start: Find your sentences from Day 3 and a pen.

This is the last day you will say your sentences out loud. Be proud while you say them.
The inner critical voice is in all of us. It is part of a strategy we have learned throughout childhood.

Now it is time for you to enjoy
the possibility to praise yourself – also for the little things!

Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid distractions for the next 8 minutes.


This step will take approx. 30 seconds.

Go to your mirror again today.
Bring your sentences from Day 3 with you.
If you do not have a mirror, you can use the camera on your phone and switch to selfie mode.
However, the mirror is the best solution.

Are you in front of the mirror?


This step will take approx. 30 seconds.

Read your first sentence from day 3 to yourself.
It starts with this: “Today I was good at ….
Just read it to yourself and remember it.

Now, look into your own eyes in the mirror and say the sentence out loud.
Example: “Today I was good at drinking coffee because I did not burn my tongue“.

When you have said this first sentence out loud, go to step 3.


This step will take approx. 30 seconds.

Now replace “Today I was good at” with:
Yes, I actually was good at [fill in the rest of the sentence you just said]“.

It will now sound like this example: “Yes, I actually was good at drinking coffee because I did not burn my tongue“.

Say this new sentence out loud to yourself in the mirror.

End with: “It is OK for me to praise myself for that. I do deserve it“.

This step will take approx. 3 minutes.

Great now you have said your first sentence.
Continue to say the rest of your sentences from Day 3 – exactly like you did with your first sentence.
So, use step 2 + 3 with the rest of your sentences.

Keep your sentences from Day 3 when you are done. Save them together with your senteces from day 1 + 2.
You will need them later.

Well done! You are done with today’s exercise.

Does it still feel strange to believe in your sentences?
Do not worry if you still don’t believe in the sentences or if it feels strange to stand in front of the mirror.
It can take between 30-60 days before your brain believes in your sentences.
Positive affirmations have to be done repeatedly. You have taken the first step to challenge your inner critical voice. Be proud!

You can stop for today or end with your bonus exercise.
These 5 minutes was for you!
It was YOUR time.
It was well spent because you are about to open up to even more positivity in your life.

You can even end today by praising yourself for today’s work.
Say out loud: “I did something good for myself today because I prioritized my inner strength“.

Bonus exercise

Today your bonus exercise is an easy way to give yourself some love:

Maybe it sounds a little awkward and silly to you, but self-hugging has great benefits.

Studies have shown that self-hugging can be used to relieve pain, to help people feel safe and that it can improve your mood.
Touch and self-compassion can lower your “alarm-hormones” level (cortisol) and improve overall well-being.
It increases feelings of love and tenderness toward yourself when you hug and physically comfort your body.

Do like this:
Put your arms around yourself. You can put it just below your chest or around your stomach.

Start hugging yourself.

Use the type of hug you want.
Maybe you need a strong and intense hug. Maybe you need a softer and more calming hug. You decide.

Close your eyes and hug yourself for 30 seconds.


The power of speaking out loud

We have developed the internal monologue because speaking out loud can be a bad survival strategy.
Think of a hunter sneaking in on an animal while talking to himself about how he will kill it.
That probably won’t bring food to his table.
So, the ability to have an inner monologue is important.
But it doesn’t exercise as many areas of the brain as speaking and hearing your own words.
When you speak out loud, it forces you to slow down your thoughts and process them differently because you engage so many centers of your brain. Centers connected to your ears, tongue, lips, vocal cords, etc.

Overall, speaking out loud is a powerful tool.
You will use that on your future self-worth journey a lot.


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