Week 1, Day 5 – Praise Yourself!

Exercise Day 5

Before you start: find your sentences from Day 2 and a pen.
Today you copy the same exercise as yesterday with a little change if you like.

Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid distractions for the next 8 minutes.

This will take approx. 30 seconds.

Cross out “Today I was” in the sentences from day 2.
Like this: “Today I was good at …“.
Write “I am” on top of the crossed-out text.
So now your sentence looks like this:
I am good at drinking coffee because I did not burn my tongue” instead of this:
Today I was good at drinking coffee because I did not burn my tongue“.

Do that in all of your sentences from Day 2.

**** A little twist: ****

You can replace the word “good” with “great“, “excellent“, “amazing“, “skilled” or “fantastic“. ‘
E.g., the sentence will be like this:
I am excellent at drinking coffee because I did not burn my tongue.

You must be ok with changing the word.
Do you feel it is too much exaggeration if you use “excellent” instead of “good”?
If you do, then don’t change “good” into “excellent“. Use one of the other words or don’t change at all. Do what you think is OK. 🙂


This will take approx. 30 seconds.

Go to your mirror again today.
Bring your sentences from Day 2 with you.
If you do not have a mirror, you can use the camera on your phone and switch to selfie mode.
However, the mirror is the best solution.

Are you in front of your mirror?


This will take approx. 4 minutes.

Read your first sentence from day 2 to yourself.
Read it with the changes you have just made.
So it starts with this: “I am good at ….
or maybe: “I am skilled at … ” or “I am excellent at … “.

Just read it to yourself and remember it.

Now, look into your own eyes in the mirror and say the sentence out loud.

Remember: it is important that you say it out loud to concentrate all your senses around you and your sentence.
If you cannot say it out loud, whisper it or say it your head.
It is still better than not saying it at all.

Do this with all your sentences from Day 2.
Save your sentences from Day 2 when you are done.
You will need them later on.


Well done! You are done with today’s exercise.
You have done a good job once again.

You are on your way to being your own best friend.
Best friends take good care of each other.
They talk nicely to one another and encourage one another.
You are on your way to take good care of yourself.
You are truly worth it!

You can stop for today or end with your bonus exercise. It is up to you.
Take good care of you until tomorrow.

Bonus exercise

Today your bonus exercise is a breathing exercise.
Breathing exercises have countless positive effects.
It can improve your ability to focus, encourage positive thinking, and reduce symptoms of stress. It impacts your body and mind.
You use this exercise to take a silent moment with yourself.

You can stand, sit or lay down while you do it.

Take a deep breath in on the count of 4 seconds.
Hold your breath for 5 seconds.
Exhale slowly for 6 seconds.

Repeat 3 times.
You can take a short break after you have exhaled if you need it.
Or you can just repeat for 3 times without any pauses like this:
inhale -> hold breath -> exhale -> (no pause) inhale -> etc.

To be present with yourself is a big part of working with yourself and your self-worth. A breathing exercise is one of the best ways to be present with yourself.

Like a tree, you will sway in the wind.
High self-worth is about being grounded even when you are in stormy weather.
To come out and still feel strong and that you have value.


Why positive self-talk is needed:

You believe in your inner critical voice because it is based on countless repetitions and experiences from young years. It is the way you think about yourself.

The critical inner voice is degrading and punishing.
It increases your feeling of self-hate without motivating you to change undesirable qualities or act in a constructive manner.
It is not a trustworthy moral guide like e.g. conscience.

In a few weeks from now, you will get tools to spot and tame your inner critic.
But this week you challenge it by rewiring your thoughts with positive sentences.

It is not an easy task. You have believed your inner critic for years.
Lots of your positive sentences feel as if they are not worth believing in.
You need to keep up your good work and be aware that your inner critical voice is constantly critical towards your sentences!
Cheer on yourself while you do your daily exercises.

Positive self-talk is needed because you go against the critical voice.
You don’t do as it dictates.
You open up to positivity. But you also open up the possibility to stop believing everything your inner critical voice tells you.

E.g. it will tell you that it is an indifferent thing to be proud that you could drink a cup of coffee without burning your tongue.
On the other hand, you inner critical voice would not hold back it-self if you drank coffee and burned yourself. “What did you think about! You should have waited to take a sip. Now your tongue hurts all day! You are always so impatient“.

If you tell youself – every day – that you are good at drinking coffee. Then you are more likely to say: “Never mind – that is what happens” when the mistake occurs.
You are even more likely to learn from it.


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