Day 2 – Praise Yourself!

Interesting information about today’s exercise:

Today you will continue your work from yesterday.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool.

It can release you from feelings like fear, worry, weakness, and anxiety. All because you practice challenging the domination of negative thinking about yourself.

These tasks can feel very easy, very difficult, or maybe even very irritating. It depends on who you are as a person.
Either way, it is a step towards balancing your thoughts about yourself.

Even if you struggle, do not skip the exercise. It is important to continue.
The power of affirmations lays in the repeat and the daily work.

Your exercises will change during the weeks. All exercises sum up to a bigger whole. This week you get the power of positive affirmations. 

day 2

Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid distractions for the next 8 minutes.

Use approx. 1 minute

Find the paper from yesterday, find a pen and find some more paper.
You can use your paper from yesterday, if you have enough blanc paper left.


Use approx. 2 minutes (or more/less if you like)

You are going to write affirmations today as well but first you can learn from yesterday’s sentences.
Now, look at the things you wrote yesterday.

Ask yourself this question:
In some of the sentences did you write more than one thing you were good at?

Today I was good at making and drinking coffee because I did not burn my tongue“?
“Today I was good at drinking coffee because I did not burn my tongue and I did not spill any coffee“?

Learn from yesterday.
You do not need a lot of reasons or a lot to be good at.
You can easily split it into more pieces e.g. sentence 1 above like this:
Today I was good at making coffee because I used the perfect number of beans” and
Today I was good at drinking coffee because I did not burn my tongue“.
Voila – now you have 2 sentences!
Be creative even though it might feel a little silly.
You are changing your mindset!


Use approx: 2 minutes (or more/less if you like)

Now, look at your sentences again.

Did you create sentences that were difficult for you to do or that reflect your normal requirements to yourself?

Today I was good at not interrupting people as I normally do because I did not interrupt all day“.

It is great to create sentences where you really think you did a great job.
But consider that you do not need to put that big a pressure on all of your sentences. If you do that it might be challenging to find 3-5 sentences and you cheat yourself from a lot of positivity.

You are allowed to require less from yourself to get some praising.
That is why “because” is added to the sentence.
Think of it like this:

If you considered writing “Today I was good at being healthy” all sorts of thoughts might appear.
E.g.: “no, I wasn’t really that healthy! I did eat chocolate and I drank a soda”.

But you can lower your requirements because of the word “because”:
“Today I was good at being healthy because I ate a carrot”.
It does not matter that you ate chocolate too.
You DID eat the carrot.
Use the “because” to lower your level of requirements to your sentences (and to yourself).
There is no need for you to be healthy all day or to not interrupt all day.
If you have done it once it is enough to write your sentence.
You are changing your mindset.


Use approx: 20 seconds

Now write “Day 2” on a new piece of paper or the existing one.
Please save the sentences from yesterday.


Use approx: 5 minutes (or more/less if you feel like it)

With the above in mind, you will now write 3-5 new sentences.
You are not allowed to copy from yesterday – you have to find 3-5 new sentences.
Write no more than 5. If it gets too difficult, get inspiration in the below examples.

Use the same structure of your sentences as you used yesterday:

“Today I was good at [fill in] because [fill in].

Here are some examples that maybe can inspire you:

“Today I was good at eating breakfast/lunch/dinner because it is vital to feed myself”

Today I was good at accepting help because I copied the sentences which were given to me on Feel Good

Today I was good at doing these Feel Good exercises because I prioritized them

Go on and write your own 3-5 sentences!
Remember you cannot do this wrong as long as you say something positive to yourself.


STEP 6 – Your are done!
Use approx: 30 seconds (or more/less if you feel like it)

When you have written it down on your piece of paper, save it together with your sentences from Day 1. You will look at all the sentences later this week. Well done – you did a great job with yourself today!

You are done for today. You have done a great job.
Look forward to tomorrow – and be proud of you.

Every day you will come a step closer to yourself.
When you open up to the affirmations you release the opportunity to be curious about yourself.
You will feel inner strength.
You will feel worthy.

Bonus – Ending:
Some extra for you if you have the time:

Now close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath in and breath out slowly.

Open your eyes and say this sentence out loud.
“I support me and I have faith in me”

I support me and I have faith in me

Remember you are allowed to translate it into you own language if your primary language is not English.

You contain unknown beauty

Your thoughts and feelings are very appreciated.
If you have the time, please let us know what you think of today’s exercise or write below if you would like some personal help with the exercise.

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