Day 1 – Praise yourself

We all have two different voices inside of us: one that is caring, and one that is critical.
Both of these voices are important.
Our caring voice brings self-compassion and encouragement, while the inner critical voice helps you recognize and remember where you have made a mistake, so you don’t do it again.
But for most people, the inner critic goes way overboard with scolding, shaming, nit-picking, and faultfinding.
It’s big and powerful, while the inner nurturer is small and ineffective.
Instead of being a helper, your inner critic is wearing down your mood, self-worth, and resilience.

This week you are going to take the first step of increasing your caring voice so your inner critic does not take it to the extreme. You will add positive thinking about yourself to your mindset in order to challenge the negative thoughts and make them less dominating.

Today you will highlight positive things you have done – regardless of what your inner critic say about the situation.

Exercise 1

Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid distractions for the next 8 minutes.


Find a piece of paper (anything you have) and 1 pen/pencil.
Write “Day 1” on your piece of paper.


Now write down 3-5 things from your day, which you were good at (if you do this in the morning, you can think of yesterday instead).

Write the sentences like this:
“Today I was good at [fill in], because [fill in].

Choose small things you were good at.

For some people small things could be like this:
“Today I was good at drinking coffee because I did not burn my tongue”
Today I was good at staying in bed for longer because I needed it
Today I was good at brushing my teethes because I remembered to brush them

Stay with the small things if you can. You might want to set requirements for your statements. Maybe you think: “This is too easy. It does not require any praise“.
But just think about what other people struggle with, which comes at ease for you!
That it is easy for you does not make it any less important or valuable.

The purpose of this assignment is about changing your mindset to more positive thinking about yourself. To give yourself some credit as well.
It is about strengthening your inner caring and encouraging voice.

If you struggle and have difficulties finding 3 sentences, it is OK to copy or be inspired by the examples above.
You can also write 1 sentence now and another one later today if you feel like that. But don’t skip the assignment – it really is the beginning of a very important journey for you.
If you find it easy, write 5 sentences – but no more than 5 🙂
If you find it difficult, write 3 sentences.

If your primary language is not English you can easily translate this into your own language. Do what feels best for you.

Do not worry this assignment feels both silly and difficult to many people :o)

Now go on and find your 3-5 sentences.


When you have written down your sentences, save your paper somewhere good, so you can find it tomorrow.

Well done!
This is the beginning of your journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, self-care, and self-love.

You are done for today.
You have done a great job. Look forward to tomorrow.
From now on every day will be a day where you come closer to yourself.
Where you are present with yourself and following accepting yourself more.
You will feel inner strength. And you are on your way!

You can end today with the bonus exercise if you like.
Remember if you have any feedback please fill out the form below.

Bonus Exercise

Now close your eyes for a moment.
Say this sentence out loud while your eyes are closed. If you cannot say it out loud say it in your head.

“I have faith in me”

Open your eyes and repeat:

“I have faith in me”

” You are greater than you think you are”

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