Feel Good – Training guide

Your Training guide to high self-worth
Scroll down to see the themes you will work with over the next weeks.

Feel Good About You is about to become an App. But while we wait for that we email you daily exercises that build up your self-esteem and help you find your self-worth.
The exercises are chosen by psychologists, coaches and therapists and will last between 5-15 minutes every day.
You will experience 5-15 minutes of self-discovery, self-reflection, self-care, and self-love. If you do the exercises and use the short time on yourself daily, you will – over time – understand yourself better. You will feel a high sense of self-acceptance, and believe in your own worth.
Everyone can benefit from strengthening their self-worth.
We hope you will use the time for a silent moment with lovely you every day!
We hope you will prioritize the time as if it was a colleage, friend, partner or family.
If you do you will feel the difference within a few weeks time.

Week 1: Praise yourself – free
Week 2: Come closer to you (your childhood) – first 2 days are free

Premium users*:
Week 2: Come closer to you (your childhood) – continued
Week 3: Understand your way of thinking
Week 4: Your body is lovable

You have done the first 4 weeks. Well done!
You already feel closer to yourself – doesn’t it feel good?

Week 5: Be in loving relations
Week 6: Love your body part 2
Week 7: Self-acceptence – Your childhood part 2.
Week 8: Praise yourself a new way

Acceptance of yourself also makes it easier to accept others.

Week 9: Create loving relations
Week 10: Personal test
Week 11: Understand your strategies
Week 12: Understand your strengths and weaknesses
Week 13: Shine through when you talk

The training helps you remember how important you are.
Consider the change you feel.

Week 14: You are grateful
Week 15: Let go
Week 16: Win yourself over
Week 17: Be brave
Week 18: Take a break
Week 19: Be present

Well done! To come closer to yourself is the best gift you can give yourself.

Week 20: Come home to yourself
Week 21: Your body language shapes you
Week 22: How do you shine
Week 23: You shine through in your home
Week 24: You shine through in your relations and at work
Week 25: Reflection – what have you learned? Look back.

After week 25 you will have premium access to the app, which contains even more exercises for you.

Because you followed our course on email you will get 2 free months access.

When you accept and love yourself, you create room for you to accept and love others! We believe in the value of you.
We hope you will carry on with your great work and focus on yourself 5-15 minutes a day in the app – you deserve that!

* The Premium version is 5$ per week – charged monthly.
Since week 2 has 2 free days, week 2 costs 3.5$.

Herafter all weeks cost 5$.
We value your thoughts, questions and your feedback. We can only give and offer the best service if we have happy customers, that share their thoughts with us.
So do not ever hesitate to write us: FeelGood@feelgoodaboutyou.life

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