About Feel Good

The Feel Good app and Feel Good About You is owned by Trine and Christian.

Our mission
Our mission is to help you believe in your own worth.
While the app is being build, we have created a great e-mail guide with daily
exercises for you, to get you started on your new path with higher self-worth.

We know that almost everyone can benefit from working with their own worth.
Our goal is to digitalize all the best practices you will get from therapists, psychologists, coaches, and mentors. We know the world would be a better place if we all believed more in ourselves.

Believing yourself is not about being selfish or ego-centered … actually that is the exact opposite. If you believe in yourself and do not put so much negative energy on yourself you will have more free resources to believe and forgive others too.
When you free yourself from emotionally ‘beating yourself up’ over things you have done, or by feeling guilty about things, you make room for you to improve and move on. When you allow yourself to do that – you also treat others that way.
It all sounds fantastic, right? Is it easy? No, not at all it is a life-long education.
But you can help yourself everyday and that will make you feel so much better 🙂

And in the end – the world will be better if we have more people feeling better in it.

Who is behind Feel Good?
As mentioned we are Trine and Christian from Roskilde, Denmark.
Husband and wife. Mom and dad to Elias and Elva on 9 and 6.
We are 40 and 43 years old.
Most of the time we actually just love to stay home and feel cozy with our kids.
We are very different from each other.
Christian loves freedom, computer games, and staying active with physical training.
Trine loves hard work, (love) movies, and family time.
But we both love food – any kind almost – and of course our kids extremely high 🙂

The idea of Feel Good
The idea of Feel Good has been matured over a long period of time.
Trine has for many years worked in a digitalized industry in many different roles such as Project Manager, Chief Commercial Officer, and business developer.
Christian has worked with Real Estate, day trading, and app development.
It is far from self-discovery 🙂

But in 2012 Trine was offered a job that required experienced and heavy leadership. She needed to take several personal tests for the job.
Even though she had done those tests several times before it was the first time that she was told that she had to work on her self-worth!
That was when the first seed was sown (… as we say in Denmark.)

It led to many years of working with self-worth. Tons of books were read. Several online events were attended. Mentors, coaches, and therapist has been visited. Not only to work on self-worth but also during the time trying to develop leader-skills etc. And over time we realized it all comes down to self-worth.

We realized over the years how many people suffer from low self-worth and how much it can affect a life.

That is why and how Feel Good now is on its way.